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My feedback

posted Mar 22, 2011 18:18:23 by melanie
I think Akamai Academy of kailua will give us a wider options if we're thinking of future expansion. However, Aikahi Park Academy sounds more close to heart and home :-)

I do love this idea of our very own school and hope it will come to life one day. However, I know I am simple minded therefore I can't comprehend a school in a larger scale other then a little preschool. Initially, when i heard about this idea, i thought this school is to be taught by each one of us sibling like example anh Phong and Jen teaching math, Hanh teachs English, Huong in Arts... and me just cooking and keeping the place neat and clean. I thought it just going to be a little prechool where little children come to learn the simple and basic of what needed to prepare them to enter elementary. But after our first telecomference, i learned that some of us have greater ideas and want to make our school stands out amongst the ordinaries and be the best school there is in Hawaii. However, to be honest, I can't see myself fully and equally committing to this project until Ashley is off to college since it is not possible for me to take much time off from work and from involement in Ashley's daily school routine.
I was thinking the first school is to be taught by the Doans and once we have established our foundation, then we can expand and hired people to run other locations, or even franchize out. I also thought this will be taken place when we are in our retired age...
Sorry for all the negative thoughts, and hope to continue be invited to join the group in future discussions.

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andrea said Mar 24, 2011 03:29:02
Hi Mel,
If you are simple minded then I am also a simpleton because I share the same view.
abc said Mar 25, 2011 21:50:26
I'm more like Amedia Bedila....I can say the same for Jen. Right Jen? Jen? Hello.....?
jenny said Mar 26, 2011 03:02:54
Christina, I don't know whether to thank you for speaking out for me or not! I think I'm a bit better than Amelia Bedilia...but she sure can bake better than I. Back to business, my vision of a leadership academy is definitely cloudy at the least but a top-notch preK to K is what I envision a bit more clearer. I still do not see how we can do this without physically being in Hawaii...
Chi Phuong, you're so thorough with your comment. I am often one without much to say....Hanh, good websit to bring us all back in cyberspace. I am suddenly reminded of Smurfland! heehee
mot cay lam chang nen non, ba cay chum lay len hon nui cao
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