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My Vision

posted Mar 24, 2011 16:11:29 by Le
Seems so far folks are leaning towards a preschool-type of program. I can be agreeable to this. However, I think we would need to possibly slant it so that we can be known for a "specialty" as reason why parents would choose us over other existing daycares/preschool. Also, for the business to be profitable, we would need to provide good value in terms of quality and again, specialty--that's my opinion. Thus my vision is to have an afterschool program where kids are cared for, where basic mathematics, reading, arts & crafts, etc., are provided, and also incorporation of leadership development skills which would foster good self esteem, responsibility, accountability, etc. I've looked briefly into Hawaii's regulation for daycare/preschool requirements--teachers need to have certain background child development courses, so if we are to do the actual teaching and not hire, we would need to complete child development courese--i will post the requirements in the Resource site.
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abc said Mar 25, 2011 22:16:18
Note: My essay is in the form of a response to Le's passage:

That's a great idea for an afterschool program. We could also incorporate speech classes and the like. However, I think this would be geared more towards the older kids (8+ years old or 3rd graders where they are already fluent in writing, reading, spelling, etc.)For the little preschool/preK ages, it would be overkill and not as appreciated by the parent regardless of how much effort we put into it. At that age, parents want to be the ones to instill confidence, teach thier own values, etc. and rely on schools to teach more tangible subjects like reading, math. If our result is such that most kids can read by the time they are 5 years of age, parents will be estatic. That, as a part of a a "vigorous" core academic cirriculum add to specialty classes (a second language, science, art, etc.), with nutritional meals, loving teachers, a safe environment, and that in a nutshell, is my idea of what a great preschool should look like. We could also do extended care where the preschool become more play-based after 3pm when the older kids are out of public schools, like Aikahi. We could over a special Leadership program that run for, say 2.5 hours for those kids.

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