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An Investment Club Anyone????

posted Apr 12, 2011 05:32:11 by j
Hi All,
I am writing here for 2 reasons. First, to see if anyone else visiting here besides Hanh, the sole creator of the site. Since Hanh went out at great length to create a beautiful website, we should make use of it!
The other reason is to propose forming an investment club. We each put in some $$ in the pot (of course, an amount that you could live without and won't miss it either) and have a weekly or monthly discussion as to which companies out there we should invest in. For beginning meetings we could talk about how to go about researching a company we interested in and what are things to look for. This would be a long term investment, learning as we go along... Well, let me know if any of you are remotely interested. I'll wait a couple of days and see if anyone respond here. If not, I'll write to your individual emails. Tata
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j said Apr 12, 2011 05:33:07
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